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Evaluate your property.
Property owners beware.

To be objective, Bestag evaluates your property using professional tools (Wuest Partner & IAZI) and completes this analysis with the valuations of three specialized agents.

The valuation of your property is your benchmark for the entire sale. It worth having the market best, hence an evaluation from Bestag.

Evaluate your property. Property owners beware

Evaluate your property using professional tools

We evaluate your property with the same tools used by banks, CIFI and Wuest Partner. 

The Bestag formula completes these analyzes with the evaluations of three agents, the specialists selected for your property. 

This makes Bestag's valuation the best available on the market. On this basis, we help you define your sale strategy and set the optimal listing price.



An overvalued property will take longer to sell (if it sells at all). Be careful: In competition, agents may be tempted to overstate the price to get the mandate.


An undervalued property will be sold quickly but with a shortfall on price. Be careful: a familiar agent or with fixed compensation could undervalue the property to facilitate the sale.