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Compensate the agent
in the interest of the owner.

Bestag aligns the agent interests with yours in order to build trust and drive performance. With Bestag's customized contract, the agent also wants to achieve the best possible sale.

Compensate the agent in the interest of the owner.

Performance-based contract

How to encourage an agent to perform? How to make sure he/she will get the best possible price?

Bestag redefines the rules and introduces a real pay-for-performance contract. Thus, the agent shares your interest in achieving the best possible sale.


The standard contract

Paying an agent in a linear way will not encourage him to sell at the best price. For a 50'000 francs higher sale price, he/she will "only" receive an additional 1'500 francs. He/she could favor a quick sale at a discount price instead.

Fixed lump sum compensation

At any realized sale price, the compensation remains the same! Do you really think that the agent will make efforts after getting you a first offer?