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Sell at the best price.
Choose the right formula.

The world of real estate brokerage is a mystery to most property sellers. So many unkept offers and promises. To avoid pitfalls, it is important to take the time to fully understand the matter.

The Bestag formula is the winning formula because you know more, you have more control on the process and you take decisions with full confidence.

Sell at the best price. Choose the right formula.

Optimally starting your sale

By choosing the Bestag formula, you put all chances on your side and you get the following benefits for free:

  • Personalized support 
  • The best valuation on the market
  • An agent choice facilitated by analytics about the best specialists
  • The first brokerage contract in Switzerland defending the interests of the property seller

Although there is no guarantee in real estate sales, Bestag is the winning formula to sell your property at the best price.


Fearing the Unknown 

You know that you want to sell at the best possible price and you know that a specialist is more efficient than an amateur. Yet you don't know much about real estate? We help you decide.


Many people think they can manage the sale of their property by themselves. The workload is often underestimated and specific know-how is required. Without commitment, talk about your sale with a Bestag client advisor before taking decisions about your sale.