& data protection.

Bestag is very concerned about your data and your privacy

Bestag does not share your data to third parties.

Bestag uses your data only for the Bestag service and no other commercial purposes.

One exception: In order to maximize the value to our website users who want to buy a house, we let our partner contact them to help with the mortgage.

What Bestag uses your data for, if you are a partner, a website visitor or client

In order to offer you a better service, Bestag may carry out analyses on aggregated data without using names. 

Bestag may occasionally contact you or send messages to inform you, e.g. with a refresh of your free online property valuation.

Bestag clears all your data on simple request

At any time, you can opt out of communications. An email to info@bestag with the title "Please forget me, thanks!" is sufficient.

If you submit data again in the future however, we will treat you as a brand new website visitor or client... (we are so serious about clearing your data, that we won't even remember our first interaction!)