Are you an agent?
We work with the best!

In the digital era, Bestag continues to bet on real estate agents and supports property sellers by providing more transparency and performance.
Bestag does not only considers affiliated agents, but analytically selects three agents from the entire market for each sale.
Even if there has been no cooperation so far, we look forward to hearing from you.

Recurring business without upfront costs

Bestag regularly brings mandates to competent agents, which they can then close. As a agent you can only win with Bestag.

Mandates within your core competence

Bestag will only select you for mandates that are part of your core competence. Long hours on the road are a thing of the past.

Realistic prices

Supported by valuations with the models of IAZI & Wuest Partner as well as your own evaluation after visiting the property, the listing price is determined fairly. No more sale attempts at impossible prices.

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