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Choose your agent,
in complete confidence.

Supported by your client advisor, you choose your agent along your personal preference. Bestag report at hand, you have all the information you need to confidently decide.

Choose your agent, in complete confidence

Agent choice

Your Bestag client advisor, as well as the three selected agents, will visit you individually. To ease your choice, you get :

  • The Bestag report summarizing valuations and recommendations
  • Three valuation reports, one from each agent
  • Two valuations from models, that will give a good benchmark

On this solid basis, you choose your agent and define the sales strategy with the support of your Bestag client advisor (price, date and other sales specificities).


Non-exclusive mandates

It's tempting to give the mandate to several agents in parallel. However, this drives them to push you to accept the first offer and/or to limit their effort, lest they lose all when another seals the deal.

Discount brokers

Overly focusing at brokerage fees to choose an agent can be expensive. The final amount of the sale matters much more. Losing 50'000 francs on the sale price to save 10'000 francs in brokerage is not a good deal.