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Select the best agent
to sell your property.

Bestag selects the three most competent agents to market your property and organizes a visit to allow them to evaluate the property.

Based on their valuation report, you choose your agent with confidence.

Select the best agent to sell your property

Best agents selection

Bestag screens agents analytically based on over 15 criterias in three categories (portfolio, performance, behaviour) to identify the most competent one to market a given property.

These agents have established lists of potential buyers while listing similar properties.

Maximize your chances of having two offers and selling at a better price by trusting Bestag.


An agent is an agent

Wrong! The agent's specialization is the key factor maximizing chances to sell at a better price.

Three at random

Property sellers often pick three agents (more or less at random) to compare before choosing one. This approach is laudable, but it does not guarantee the final quality.