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Selection of the best agents, property evaluation at the right price, pay for performance : the Bestag formula allows you to sell your property at the best price, in the best conditions.

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With an analysis software, Bestag selects the 3 most competent agents to sell your property.



At the right price: your property is valued by these 3 agents, as well as by Bestag - with 2 tools used by banks. You get 5 solid evaluations.



You choose your agent and sale price, keeping full control over your sale.



Your agent's pay depends on his performance. He will sell your property at the highest price possible.


To the Bestag formula

More competence.
In a deep analysis, Bestag matches the characteristics of your property with the profiles of all active agents on the market. The three best ones are proposed to you; their expertise is the guarantee of getting the most for your property.


More performance.
You don't unnecessarily pay an agent good money. The better your sale, the higher the agent's fee : he will do everything to sell your property at the best price.


Save time.
You don't waste time looking for the right agent. Bestag does this instantly, based on all relevant criteria. In addition, the property is evaluated at the right price from the beginning: it is likely to be sold faster.


Save money.
Your property is sold at the best price, so investing in the services of a competent agent yields great returns. Whatever happens, you win.

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