Frequently asked questions 
about real estate sales.

There are as many questions as there are special cases. Bestag has grouped together the most relevant ones to help you better understand the matter.

Your local Bestag client advisor will answer all further questions.

Frequently asked questions  about real estate sales

1) How do I know I made a good real estate sale?

Every real estate sale has its own context. If timing is critical, a timely sale can be considered a success. Most often though the quality of a sale is measured to price expectations. It is therefore very important to have a solid evaluation as a reference.

In fact, one should always calculate the remaining funds after paying brokerage fees. It's good to minimize costs, but a sale at a lower price is only rarely compensated by a saving on brokerage.

2) Why sell with a real estate agent?

When did you master a challenge perfectly on your first attempt? Why make the biggest financial transaction of your life as a novice? Why take this risk?

Best execution: In theory, anyone could sell a property online these days... But the agent will execute several tasks faster and in a better quality than sellers by themselves. And the quality of the marketing material influences sellers more than even they think.

Leveraging lists of potential buyers: listing similar properties, the agent has accumulated contacts to potential buyers that are relevant to your sale. Using these, he/she has more chances to get multiple interested parties to buy your house than a bare internet listing. Two offers are a robust basis to bargain and sell at the best price, with one offer you can only gamble on a bluff.

Investing in the services of a competent agent for your sale is usually very profitable.

3) Why contact Bestag if a friend has already recommended an agent?

If a friend recommended an agent, well done! You started the Bestag process.

If he is not there yet, we will add your agent to the panel for visits and valuation... Is he actually the best?

The final choice is yours: All our customers have chosen an excellent agent!

4) What does Bestag cost? (and how does Bestag earn money, if the service is free?)

The best agents agree to work with a performance contract and share a fraction of the brokerage fee with Bestag.

Bestag creates a lot of value for sellers, but Bestag also creates a lot of value for competent local agents. In a few visits, they obtain valuable mandates without any upfront costs.

The mandates that Bestag provides to agents are in their specialty and proximity. Correspondingly, they already know potential buyers. Also the properties are valued properly, which means an adequate sale is possible. It's a true win win.

In summary, Bestag and the agent share the commission. Therefore, Bestag too is paid well for a very good sale, and gives a discount in case of a disappointing sale.

5) What do I commit to, if I choose to sell my property with the support of Bestag?

When you mandate Bestag for your sale, you benefit from personalized support of your Bestag advisor. For free, he/she provides you with all services of the Bestag formula.

You only agree to follow the Bestag formula. And if you want to withdraw from the sale, you only have to reimburse the costs incurred by Bestag while supporting you.

Note: These fees are refunded to you, should you sell at a later stage with Bestag support.

6) My property is already on sale, can Bestag help me?

Analytical services and Bestag support are available for all sellers.

To be able to get Bestag's support, one needs to withdraw the property from its first unsuccessful listing attempt and then to choose Bestag for the next attempt.

7) I list my house at a high price and then I can negotiate. Is that a good strategy?

You can have a margin for price negotiations.

Be careful however: an overpriced listing might miss out on the current buyer pool. A subsequent downward price adjustment usually results in a lone buyer, making negotiations very difficult. Also the price drop sends a negative signal (distressed seller) to the buyer who may then bid an even lower amount.

The best sales result of biddings between concurrent buyers; it's a good strategy to attract at least a few buyers when first listing the property (hence exposing it to the buyer pool): at the right price and supported by an agent's rich file of potential buyers.

8) Do I benefit from mandating several brokers in parallel?

It may seem tempting to give the mandate to several agents.

It encourages them to minimize their effort on this property and/or to push for a deal on the first offer received, since they risk missing out on this property altogether should another agent seal the deal.

With the Bestag formula, the agents are in competition before listing the property, but motivated to go great lengths during the sale process. This greatly benefits the seller with a "win-win" situation.

9) Why choose Bestag rather than agencies offering brokerage services at lump sum prices?

It's a matter of motivation: At any realized sale price, the compensation remains the same! Do you really think that the agent will make efforts after getting you a first offer?

Focusing on brokerage fees to choose an agent can be expensive. The final amount of the sale matters much more. Losing 50'000 francs on the sale price to save 10'000 francs in brokerage is not a good deal.

10) How is using Bestag creating more security for the property seller?

More transparency: with Bestag's help, the owner will gain vast knowledge about his sale during the process (i.e. valuating the property and choosing the agent).

More effectiveness: The competent agent chosen with the help of Bestag will sell faster at a better price.

The owners who wish to sell have no additional costs with Bestag, but on the upside they can take their decisions very confidently.