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Media release: Bestag receives prestigious Swiss Real Estate Award for outstanding performance

Bestag, an emerging real estate sales company, was this week awarded the coveted Swiss Real Estate Award. After five years of successful market testing, Bestag has received recognition not only for its innovative solution, but especially for its outstanding service.

The Swiss Real Estate Award, presented annually by a jury of experts, recognizes excellence in the real estate industry and honors companies that stand out for exceptional innovation and remarkable success. Bestag has received this award for its outstanding performance in the sales of individual properties and for its support of real estate developers.

Through years of experience and continuous innovation, Bestag has developed a groundbreaking solution that provides customized services to sellers of real estate. The award-winning Bestag solution enables single property owners to effectively market their properties and efficiently manage the sales process. At the same time, Bestag helps developers successfully market and sell real estate projects.

"We are enormously proud to be the recipient of the Swiss Real Estate Award. This award is a confirmation of our hard work and commitment to excellence in real estate," said Patrice Choffat, founder and CEO of Bestag. "We thank the expert jury for recognizing our achievements and all our clients and partners who have accompanied us on this journey."

The Swiss Real Estate Award is a prestigious award that recognizes the achievements of companies in the real estate industry and acknowledges their commitment to innovation and quality. The award to Bestag highlights the company's growing ambition in the market and its commitment to excellence in the real estate industry.

Winner picture 2023 (all categories) with jury

Winner picture Bestag

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