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Welcome Stephanie Bossart

Welcome Stephanie Bossart, Regional Director for the Greater Zurich area

Expansion of the German-speaking area at Bestag

Bestag continues its development in Switzerland. After French-speaking Switzerland, we welcome a new regional manager for the German-speaking region with a focus on the greater Zurich area.

Welcome Stephanie Bossart!

Stephanie Bossart has joined Bestag as a Regional Director for the Greater Zurich area. Before Bestag, Stephanie worked for 20 years in various client facing and finance positions. She's very experienced in the valuation and sale of companies, in fundraising as well as in the optimization of sales, client outcomes and operations through the use of performance indicators, finance and management processes. Privately, she has gained a lot of experience in renovating, furbishing and selling old and modern houses herself. Stephanie has a Master in European Business from the ESCP-EAP Business School (Oxford-Madrid, 1999) and a Bachelor of Sciences degree from the London School of Economics.

What attracted you to join Bestag?

Stephanie Bossart: Bestag offers the best solution to sell a property at the best price and with the best conditions. I am absolutely convinced of the company's business model.

Bestag accompanies and supports owners with the sale of their real estate and evaluates, among other things, the skills of the brokers based on their performance in the past two years (selection of the best broker, comparable to choosing a hotel on

What is the advantage of Bestag for the customer?

The advantages for the customer are obvious: Free advice and support during the entire sales process. The customer is advised transparently and always has control over his decisions. Through performance-optimized contracts with brokers and own evaluations by Bestag, a property always goes on the market with the right broker, the right price and the right performance level of the broker, which is otherwise often not the case.

How exactly does the Bestag process work for me as a customer? 

Based on extensive real estate market analyzes, Bestag presents the owner with the most competent real estate agents to sell his property. Selected real estate agents evaluate the property and offer a selling price. With the same tools that banks use to value real estate, Bestag also delivers its own valuations of the property to be sold. With the help of this data and information, the most convincing broker is selected together with the owner and the sales price is determined. A brokerage contract is signed between the owner, the broker and Bestag, which is based on an asymmetrical performance fee for the broker. 

How do you see the development of real estate brokerage? 

The real estate market today is relatively opaque because real estate is not regularly bought and sold, so it is not a standard product. Every sale has its history and context, sometimes in very difficult phases of life. I think we need to develop new, more personal and more targeted services to give every owner the best possible support in selling his property. More transparency for sellers and buyers is desirable. And this is exactly what Bestag offers its clients: They are looked after and advised free of charge in order to complete their property sale in the best possible way. 

What is your challenge for the future? 

I would like to quickly publicize Bestag in German-speaking Switzerland and develop the company further. I share Bestag's great vision: support for owners and buyers through transparency, advice and support in identifying, determining and implementing the right price, broker and brokerage contract. 

Welcome to Bestag Stephanie, good luck!